Royalty Free Music for Multimedia

Prime-Audio writes and produces customized and exclusive royalty free music for any purpose: commercials, image movies, websites, corporate anthems, presentations, waiting loops etc.
Enhance your next project with a musical component! We have a wide knowledge about musical genres, styles and contemporary trends. Whether you're looking for a 70s retro rock tune or a modern electronic dance track, Prime-Audio produces the appropriate sounds for you - from the first idea to the final mix.

Film Music & Game Music

A great score can make an already good film even better. Sometimes it's actually the music that gives a film its fascination. Remember the effective simplicity of the two note theme from "Jaws" or the little piano melody from "Halloween" which made these films legendary and unforgettable. One important thing these compositions have in common: They create moods, emotions and are distinctive.
As modern video and computer games have become more and more interactive films over the years, in-game music has to live up to similar standards. The days of 8-bit chiptunes are long gone. Film and game music are on an equal footing.
Prime-Audio offers film and game music composition of any kind. From experimental music for the indie flick to modern driving action scores or more subtle and atmospheric soundscapes for drama and suspense.

Songwriting & Arrangement

You want to produce an album, EP or single and need help with the songwriting or arrangement?
You have written some songs that need to be fully produced?
Prime-Audio has the experience, equipment and creativity to put the finishing touches to your compositions and to let your songs shine in new splendour.