Audio Branding

On of the most important tools of audio branding is the audio or sound logo. It is the acoustic equivalent to the visual logo of a company or brand and it is mainly used to enforce the recognition of a brand and enhance brand identity. Its key qualities should be uniqueness, memorability and a catchy temper that reflects the company's trademark.
Prime-Audio analyses your brand, creates a concept and produces your custom-designed sound logo. We help to give your product or brand a sonic identity!


Prime-Audio offers the production of high-quality customized jingles, openers, stingers, ear catchers etc. for TV, radio, podcasts or web applications.

Sound Effects

What would be a video game or a radio play without sound effects and soundscapes!? A well-made sound design can just bring these things to life.
Prime-Audio designs sound effects for your animation movie, audio book, radio play, video game or app. From the single one-shot explosion or laser sword sound to a complete implementation and arrangement of background sounds, music and sound effects.